Mechanical Tests

How do I move?

The task at hand in these tests is to see how the cable will perform in real world applications. Cables are repeatedly bent, twisted and stretched to determine how they will react to the demand they will eventually have on them.

Zwick/Roell® Tensile Tester

This device measures insulation and jacket tensile strength and elongation properies. To do this it takes strip force and trouser tear measurement and then plots stress-strain curves for Modulus of Elasticity determination. The tensile test device has two clamps that hold the ends of the cable and pull it. The speed the sample is pulled can be set and the force can be measured. This is another digital device with the ability to give extremely accurate graphical measurements. It also has a graduated scale on the back beam for a quick “eyeball” of how the product is doing during the test. Normally the test rig is set up to reflect the specifics of the test we're performing, however in the video below the tensile tester has been set to stretch the sample to the point of failure. We decided to stretch the sample to the point of failure for two reasons. First, stretching the cable sample this far clearly shows how the device operates and second…..well, it was kind of fun!

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Flex Tester

Performs rolling bend test with adjustment for bend radius, frequency and travel. Download Quabbin Flex Test Report

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Torsion Tester

This device performs torsion testing of jacketed cable with adjustment for angle of rotation and frequency. Download Quabbin Torsion Test Report

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Quabbin Wire & Cable Stomping Boot

Those of you who have visited the Quabbin exhibit at one of the many trade shows we attend at annually will recognize the infamous stomping boot. The point of the stomping boot is to smash Ethernet cable. One of the goals of our ruggedized Industrial Ethernet products is to survive a good boot stomping as well as a host of other hostile forces found in harsh environments. While really meant as a prop, the boot will destroy a standard office grade cable in short order. However after over 5 years on the road it hasn't been able to damage any of our DataMax® Extreme Industrial Ethernet designs. Take a quick look at the boot, it's a lot of fun! Then feel free to review the other more serious testing that takes place in the Quabbin Wire & Cable Laboratory.

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