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Superior Cable Means Superior ROI

End users expect to receive the speed and functionality they paid for and were promised. Coincidentally, the cable, one of the least expensive parts can and does have an enormous impact on your project. The key to success is measured with a cable cost to performance ratio that always makes the Quabbin user a winner. Not only is Quabbin proven to deliver fully compliant operational characteristics, it's so good it can enhance overall application performance.  

Example: Improving Channel Performance

Chart A below illustrates the actual return loss noise in a “problem channel”. Notice that it fails the required minimum performance for Category 5e.

Chart B illustrates the same channel after simply replacing the patch cables with high quality DataMax® cords. The wall plates, patch panels, horizontal cabling and other components were unchanged. Since any enhancement or decline in channel component performance is cumulative, the improvement in patch cable performance translates into a 4-6 dB increase in return loss headroom for the entire channel. A failing network has been converted to a healthy one with an inexpensive yet effective fix.

Chart A — Problem Channel

Return loss noise fails the required minimum performance for Category 5e.

Chart B — Channel after patch cables replaced with DataMax®

The same channel after simply replacing the patch cables with high quality DataMax® cords — resulting in increase in return loss headroom for the entire channel. A failing network has been converted to a healthy one with an inexpensive yet effective fix.

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