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Not just compliant, better than compliant.

At Quabbin, we are focused on being one of the leading cable suppliers by manufacturing the best copper cable products on the market — not just compliant, better than compliant. Our wide range of expertise in stranded cable or patch cable allows us to provide you with superior solutions for applications requiring plenum cable, LSZH cable, and Industrial Ethernet, just to name a few. That’s who we are; our commitment to superior cable production is our foundation. After that it comes down to holding tighter tolerances in the manufacturing facility and we do it consistently. Not to mention, we proudly manufacture in the US, making us one of the few premier US cable manufacturers. Check out our specialty areas below.

Cable for Harsh Environment

DataMax® Extreme Industrial Ethernet cables are built to survive and thrive in the harshest of environments. Our extensive offerings of rugged Ethernet cables are available with various ratings, jackets, and gauge sizes to meet your specific application need. In addition to DataMax® Extreme industrial Ethernet, we also offer a line of complementary industrial grade PLTC/ITC cables.

  • DataMax® Extreme branded Industrial Ethernet
  • Ethernet IP, Profinet® Type A, B,& C, CC-Link
  • PLTC/ITC, CM/CMX Outdoor, Oil Resistant, UV Resistant
  • Superior Flex Life (10 million+ cycles)

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Cable for Commercial Use

DataMax® Patch Cable is designed to surpass component compliancy and promote superior channel performance. Our focus is on delivering a cable that not only out performs electrically but also remains consistent in dimension and other cosmetics. By paying close attention to all details we provide customers with a cable they can depend on.

  • DataMax® branded Ethernet Patch Cable
  • Meets or exceeds all electrical performance of TIA 568-C
  • Provides quick termination & high yield
  • Stocked in a variety of constructions and colors
  • Trusted by OEMs and Assemblers

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Digital A/V & Lighting Control Cable

Recognized for producing superior analog A/V and broadcast cables for decades, Quabbin now re-emerges as the premier manufacturer of ruggedized Touring Grade Ethernet cables. Whether transmitting digital signals to drive sound and video or commanding computerized stage lighting, Quabbin has a solution that’s both high performance and high life expectancy.

  • Low Skew — Optimal Sound/Vision Experience
  • Crush Resistance & High Flex Life
  • Stranded 22 AWG “100m Channel Compliant”
  • Re-Deployable — “Roadie Proof” Design

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General Purpose Wire & Cable

What makes our wide selection of multi-conductor/multi-pair cables unique is the extensive selection of IN STOCK items you have to choose from. With a plant dedicated to running General Purpose cable products we are able to maintain that stock to provide you with easy access and quick delivery.

  • Belden® Equals
  • Alpha® Equals
  • 200+ Stocked Part Numbers
  • Dedicated Manufacturing Plant

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Our experts are here to answer your questions and help you find the right cable for your project needs. Contact us and a member of our team will follow-up.