Quabbin Introduces Top Performing Patch Cable

February 1999

Quabbin Wire & Cable, North America's largest patch cable manufacturer, has introduced a new patch cable that exceeds proposed TIA/EIA 568A standards for Category 6 performance. DataMax6 patch cable is designed for use with protocols at or beyond 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet).

DataMax 6 patch cable gives superior attenuation, crosstalk and return loss performance to yield fewer bit errors and greater channel throughput. The new cable provides a significant improvement in the performance margin of any hardware channel regardless of its rating as Category 5, 5e or future Category 6. The new cable accomplishes this without bonded pairs, internal splines or other nonconventional constructions.  

“By relying on superior design and process control, we can deliver a cable that avoids high material cost and the expense of lengthy assembly and termination,” said Tom Russell, vice president for technical marketing and international sales at Quabbin Wire & Cable.  

“DataMax 6 patch cable performance is the highest we've measured in competitive tests of the leading products on the market,” Russell said.  

Quabbin Wire & Cable engineers have found that patch cable is critically important when implementing the newest bidirectional signaling protocols. Patch cords can be the weak link in a local area network. These relatively short lengths of cable can have a dramatic effect on signal quality in high performance channels. In laboratory tests of Category 5e hardware systems, the substitution of DataMax 6 patch cable brought several systems close to the proposed requirements for Cat 6 channel performance. Quabbin Wire & Cable's system testing program has also shown that the use of DataMax 6 patch cable in a marginal system has a large positive effect on the system's overall performance.  

Quabbin Wire & Cable has been an active participant in efforts to establish Category 6 performance standards. The company works with various TIA committees seeking to specify limits for both cable and system design. The new product represents Quabbin's concept of a patch cable that will allow a network to meet the challenging requirements of high performance systems and protocols of the future.  

“The company has already manufactured millions of feet of the new cable and we're private labeling it for major premise hardware OEMs,” Russell said. “We're now in full production and we're shipping product.”  

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